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Professional Conversion of your disc or tape recordings to CD

Music happens to be one of our passions, and today's computer equipment is well suited for professional audio production.  In fact, "analog" audio purists among you may be interested to know that recent innovations in our process produce digital audio CD's with presence and fidelity that may surprise you.  For details on our re-recording process, click the links below. Feel free to call or email with any questions.

Vinyl LP / Disc / Tape Conversion to compact disc, MP3, MP4, or audio cassette. Intended for the highest-quality digital audio restoration of valued 16/33/45/78-rpm or Voicewriter recordings, audio cassettes (standard, mini, micro) and 1/4" reel tapes.  Includes professional wet-cleaning of your discs, a poly-lined paper sleeve, and CD artwork.  Your new recording is also protected over time:  Should your CD ever be damaged, we can send an exact replacement on its way to you in less than 24 hours. Browse some of our Customer Comments.

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We are proud to use professional and audiophile equipment produced by VPI, Esoteric Sound, Shure, Sumiko, Lynx Studio, PS Audio, HHB, Audioquest, Sennheiser, Nakamichi, Voxengo, Algorithmix, and Steinberg. Our equipment details

Source Media:  16/33/45/78-rpm Disc / Edison Voicewriter Disc / Cassette or 1/4" Reel Tape / CD

Target Media:  Music CD's are the most popular choice. You may also choose MP3/M4A/WMA or High-Resolution 96Khz/24-bit WAV Digital files on data CD/DVD. Your Music CD includes custom case covers with either original album artwork or your own photos and background information.

Recommendations for vinyl/cassette re-recording:  We are always pleased to convert your 33/45/78-rpm records and cassette or reel tapes, yet we suggest that you first try to locate commercial recordings in CD format at your music retailer.  These CD's are (often) made using the artists' original master tapes, and they are preferable to recording from distributed media.  If a master-recorded CD is not available, high-quality re-recording is the best option.


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Audio Prices

Flat Rate - For Commercially-Released Recordings, 12 to 17-inch Disc / Cassette Tapes:

Per-Minute Rate - For Recordings less than 22 minutes, or Home-Recorded Discs, Cassette and Reel Tapes:

Base Price per CD: 15.00 Add your track time per-minute cost below:

Additional CD Copies (Non-copyrighted material only. Copyrighted material permits one personal-use copy only):

Transcription Upgrades: Customers with Basic or Filtered transcriptions can upgrade their recordings to Filtered or Filtered-Plus without having to re-ship your original media. To estimate cost, figure the option difference and add 10.00.

* Filtering effectiveness depends upon the condition of your media. You probably know that there is quite a bit of variation in recording quality, and it runs from "excellent" all the way down to "defective", especially with vinyl. Modern (microgroove) vinyl discs are very difficult to manufacture correctly, as they require a clean environment, high-quality vinyl, and are among the most costly media to produce today. Filtering software is primarily designed to correct damage to your media that occurred after it was manufactured; however, many manufacturing defects are correctable, or can be reduced. Since manufacturing defects can be severe, a variety of other techniques is sometimes required to help correct them.


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