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We include comments from our customers from time to time.  If you are a current customer and would like your comments included here, let us know.  Customer contact information is available on request.

I just wanted to let you know the items were received safely and I am delighted!  The work you have performed is almost "magical" and I really appreciate the care you took rescuing my 60 year old amateur recordings.
R.S., Danville, CA

I have had a chance to listen to mastered recording, and I am very very pleased. Let me say thanks, and I really do appreciate the time and effort you gave to this project. It is wonderful, it is really done well, when I listened to the raw recordings and the mastered version, it is like night and day!!!
Again thanks very much my friend, my mother will love this.
M.T., Savannah, GA

The recordings arrived Saturday. I spent some time Sunday splitting the file into tracks and converting them to the format I want. I'm very impressed with the work you did. The results you produced are much better than I was able to achieve on my own, especially with the dropouts and the sibilance problem. The file you created is very listenable, whereas my own efforts were unsatisfactory. After having spent quite a bit of time working on this tape already I was aware of the biggest problem spots and couldn't believe the improvement in many instances. Thanks Dan!
D.S., Corona, CA

I received the CDs yesterday.  They are great!  You did a fabulous job.  They are much better than I had even hoped.  Thank you again for a very professional job.  It was a pleasure working with you.
K.T., San Clemente, CA

I received the last two CDs on Saturday and finished playing them today.  While I was impressed with the first five CDs done on the original equipment, I am astounded with the quality of the 5 CDs using your new technology.
M.O., Glen Ellyn, IL

These are nothing short of fantastic!  The restoration work is beautiful and you should be proud of the work you have done!  It is an amazing thing to hear this after so many years.  You did a magnificent job of cleaning out the noise without sacrificing the quality ...  Great Job!  My sincerest thanks!    B.B., Fort Worth, TX

Got the shipment..... everything works fine.  LOVE IT!    M.W., West Bloomfield, MI

Steve received the new recordings you sent and thanks you very much.  He said they sound great!    S.C., Lebanon, ME

Good news…we are done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Got the last one and it’s all mastered.  Sent it off to the record company for approval And it’s time to party!  Thanks for all the hard work and great job.  Also thank your assistant Sue, she saved the day.    S.G., Spiral Disc Mastering, West Islip, NY

I feel so lucky to have found you guys.  Thanks again---    M.M., Flemington, NJ

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