Computer Service Prices

- Hourly Rate (Desktops/Software): $60.00
- Hourly Rate (Notebooks/Netbooks): $70.00
- Housecall, Computer pickup or delivery: $25.00 [Over 20 miles distance: Travel charge of 50¢ per mile to your location added. Colby students' pickup and delivery is free.]

NOTE: We provide a reasonable fixed price for most services done at our shop, and most are completed within 24 hours.


- Fresh Windows Installation, all device drivers, all Windows updates, your applications: $120.00
- Include Documents/Photos/Music/Email save/restore: $30.00 per Windows user account.

Audio Prices for CD Transcription

All options include custom CD/insert artwork and Recording Protection

16-3/4, 33-1/3, 45, 78, VoiceWriter Discs, Cassette, Reel, and 8-Track Tapes

Basic and Filtered CD Capacity is 80 minutes on Memorex Silver CD-R's

Filtered-Plus CD Capacity is 74 minutes on your choice of Delkin, Mitsui, or HHB Gold CD-R's*

CD Print-surface background colors:  Memorex, Delkin: White  -  Mitsui: Matte Gold

*HHB Gold CD-R's (unprinted) recorded in real time on the HHB-830 Pro are an additional $45 per-CD-R


We will calculate the lowest cost for you (Flat Rate, or Per-Minute Rate) based on your recording times, and invoice whichever is lower in cost.  Generally, if your recordings are less than 22 minutes, use the "Per-Minute" option to estimate cost.

Flat Rate - For Recording All 12 to 17-inch Disc / 8-Track or Cassette Tapes:

Per-Minute Rate - For Recordings less than 22 minutes, or Selected Disc/8-Track/Cassette/Reel Tapes:

  1. Base Price per CD:  $15.  Add your track time per-minute cost below:


Pay in-person (cash, check, credit card) at our Waterville location, or

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